Here are the facts:

  • Our dealers average 20%-30% of their monthly sales are customers that received the dealerships weekly email advertisement, opened and clicked through to the web site.
  • We drive thousands of visitors every month to our dealer’s web sites 80%-90% are new visitors and in many cases, they are viewing multiple pages.
  • We increase dealer awareness and get local customers familiar with the dealerships specials, dealer values and best practices.
  • We are typically the top source of all traffic to your website.
  • We increase website visits and showroom traffic and in turn increase the number of opportunities selling more cars.

Dealers are selling more cars as the result of our campaigns, in fact we guarantee it!

Two Weeks & 100,000 emails FREE! Give us TEN minutes and your campaign is 100% FREE! No obligation and No commitment.

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Terms and Conditions
This offer is for new clients only and there is no obligation to make a purchase. Dealership General Manager , General Sales Manager or Marketing Director must attend a 10  minute on line meeting with an Edge5 Representative in order to receive this free offer. The offer includes one Free Ad design and 2 campaigns of 50,000 emails sent in consecutive weeks at no cost. At the end of campaigns, the dealership will send Edge5 the physical name and address with city state and zip….not including the email address of the sold customers and sales prospects.  Edge5 will create the sales and/or opportunities match back report and include the email address. Our report will show you how many customers received our email, opened our email, clicked on a car in our email, and purchased a car from you during the campaign.