Edge5 gives exclusive rights to one dealership per manufacturer in any given area sent from Edge5’s private database. Email recipients are typically within a 7-25 mile radius to your dealership. Emails sent to individuals who have only expressed interest in cars that are consistent with the manufacturers you sell.

Here are the facts:

  • Our dealers average 20%-30% of their monthly sales are customers that received the dealerships weekly email advertisement, opened and clicked through to the web site.
  • We drive thousands of visitors every month to our dealer’s web sites 80%-90% are new visitors and in many cases, they are viewing multiple pages.
  • We increase dealer awareness and get local customers familiar with the dealerships specials, dealer values and best practices.
  • We are typically the top source of all traffic to your website.
  • We increase website visits and showroom traffic and in turn increase the number of opportunities selling more cars.

Dealers are selling more cars as the result of our campaigns, in fact we guarantee it!


Dealer will provide a list of sold vehicles (consisting of its customer’s name, address, city, state and zip), if the results exceed 10%*, as described below, during the FREE Campaign period Dealer agrees to continue the Campaign for the next twelve weeks under the standard conditions, as outlined below.
If Dealer provides a list of sold vehicles at the end of each four week Campaign, *Edge5 will run a scrub against their email list and provide the Dealer with the list of email addresses that match back to an individual’s name or address illustrating how many customers received our email, opened our email, clicked on a car in our email, and purchased a car from the Dealer during the Campaign.
*If the results ever fall below 10%, then the next two 4 week Campaigns are Free.

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