Conquest Email Marketing

Edge5 Offers various levels of email campaigns for dealerships across the country. The method allows us to tailor an email campaign to the specific needs of a dealership and create custom marketing strategies.


Create targeted display campaigns on various social platforms to engage in-market shoppers who are interested in your brand! Receive in-depth reporting that takes the guesswork out of display advertising. See what optimizing your campaigns for conversions rather than impressions can do to maximize your media spend.


Car shopping has moved online–shoppers are visiting fewer dealerships and more websites! Ensure that your website is competitive in online search rankings. See how our team of experts can optimize maximize your media budget and reduce wasted spend.


Allow our experts to replace your website’s cookie-cutter website verbiage with custom content to achieve higher search engine rankings. Add trending phrases and highly searched keywords to your website that will increase relevant traffic to your website and allow you to capture the highest spots on the search results page.


Captivate your audience with eye-catching advertisements that are custom made to invoke clicks. Place remarketed advertisements in front of unconverted website visitors and increase quality website traffic by advertising to shoppers that are searching for your brand. Create an impression on shoppers that will keep your dealership top-of-mind as they navigate their online journey for a new car.


This program offers a unique, intimate way to engage your current client base and generate genuine interest from both in-market and out-of-market individuals. Ensure that your customers stay loyal during times where modern car shoppers are brand and dealership agnostic. Launch campaigns only when you need a sales boost to ensure that you finish every month on top! Easily set appointments from our guaranteed 100 calls using proven scripts and maximize your sales to achieve your best months yet!