Edge5 Offers various levels of email campaigns for dealerships across the country. The method allows us to tailor an email campaign to the specific needs of a dealership and create custom marketing strategies.

Program Overview

Edge5 gives exclusive rights to one dealership per manufacturer in any given area sent from Edge5’s private database.

Email recipients are typically within a 7-25 mile radius to your dealership. Emails sent to individuals who have only expressed interest in cars that are consistent with the manufacturers you sell.

Because of our proprietary surveying process we are able to obtain a consistent delivery rate over 98%.

On average over 20% of the vehicles you sell in the month will have been received, opened and visited your site from an Edge5 email ad.

Exclusive Proprietary Subscriber Database
Zip Code & Manufacturer Specific
98% of All Emails Go Directly to the Inbox
Audited Results Against Sold Vehicles



Establish Dealer Territory

The first step in our process is to determine the size of your target area. Our zip code-specific database allows us to create a populace of subscribers around your dealership that is comprised of individuals who have stated that the next car they are interested in purchasing/leasing is your specific manufacturer.


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Creative Deployment

Upon enrollment, our expert team of designers creates an attention-grabbing ad on behalf of your dealership. Our ads are designed using brand-specific guidelines and submitted to compliance on a weekly basis to ensure eligibility for Co-Op redemption.


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Third-Party Tracking

We verify our traffic through third-party reporting like Google Analytics. Our traffic is sourced under a single name for easy tracking and each campaign is individually named for clear trend evaluations.


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Audited Sales Reports

In as little as 4 weeks, we are able to generate a report against your sold vehicle list. We provide you with the email address, as well as receive, open and click data for each individual match. On average, we are able to match more than 20% of your sales on a monthly basis to subscribers whom have sent emails to.


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